Sunday, 18 September 2011

polkadot swing


gorgeous flowy top

sheer chiffon

 buttons all the way in front! :))

 V neck
 pleated details ! likee! :))

mocha/ nude/ pink
what is not to love with this sleeveless top. gorgeous flowy top with polkadot print and sheer chiffon material. pleated details at the bossom area just added up to cuteness of the top. this is such a playful top, you can wear it with anything; jeans, tucked in a mini or with a cardi when its raining, even with a hotpants for a totally 'kawaii' look. you can even let the buttons loose and use this top as a vest with a tanktop inside. everything about this top is lovable!the top just falls following your natural curve. the pictures do not do this top justice. it is such a breathtakingly gorgeous top. wear it to dates,  movies or classes and you sure will be noticed, hot chicca!

free size
fits UK 4-UK10
in 3 gorgeous colours (nude, mocha and pink)

RM 39 (including postage)

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